7 Good Reasons to Leave Your Job

Sometimes, all it takes is a bad day at the office or a run-in with an obnoxious colleague to make us rethink our work situations. But while you don’t want to quit your job too hastily, there are certain scenarios where it absolutely pays to dust off your resume and start looking elsewhere. Here are some perfectly valid reasons for leaving your job and seeking out a better opportunity.

1. You’re bored

You can’t expect your job to be totally thrilling every minute of every day. But if you find that you’re overwhelmingly bored with what you do and the scope of your job is unlikely to change anytime soon, then you may be better off searching for a new position. Sometimes, the mere act of changing your work environment could be enough to make things more interesting, so even if you’re talking about applying for the same role at another company, it pays to make the effort.


2. You’re going nowhere

One of the biggest career mistakes you might ever make is allowing yourself to get stuck in a dead-end job. So if you come to realize that your responsibilities haven’t changed over time and there’s no room for a promotion at your current company, it’s a sign that you should be applying elsewhere. Remember, it’s nice to be comfortable with your job and come in every day knowing what you’re doing; but if you stay in that sort of situation for too long, you’re apt to grow frustrated and restless.

3. You’re not learning anything

Just because you’ve been at your job for quite some time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have opportunities to keep learning new things. If that’s not happening and your skills aren’t improving, then that’s reason enough to start seeking out a different role — ideally, one that will help you grow professionally.

4. You’re underpaid

Though money isn’t everything when it comes to your job, it’s hard to overlook the fact that your salary is much lower than what the average person in your position is making. So if, after doing your research, you come to find that you’re being underpaid and your company rejects your request for a raise, it’s time to see about changing employers. Remember, the salary you make at present will likely come to influence what you earn in the future, so the longer you allow yourself to accept an inadequate salary, the more of a disservice you’ll be doing yourself.

5. You’re underappreciated

We all do our share of grunt work at the office. Similarly, many of us have no choice but to work long hours or log on during weekends to tackle work-related emergencies. But if your company refuses to acknowledge your extra efforts and thank you for them, it’s a sign that you’re not all that valued — and that’s reason enough to move to a company that won’t be shy about singing your praises.

6. Your manager isn’t supportive

Not all bosses are the cheerleader type. But if you find that your boss is never supportive of your career goals and refuses to give some of his or her time to help you achieve them, then it pays to take steps to work for someone who will help you advance. And if you find that your manager is actively trying to hold you back, that’s a sure sign that you should resign as soon as possible.

7. Your working environment doesn’t suit you

Company culture can play a huge role in your overall job satisfaction — so much so that it’s actually the No. 1 reason why younger workers are driven to resign from their employers. If you find that your working environment is too competitive and demanding for your taste, then you shouldn’t hesitate to find a company that fosters a more positive, collaborative atmosphere — one that enables you to thrive and actually enjoy the work that you do.

There’s no reason to resign yourself to a job you’re not happy with. So don’t let laziness or a fear of change keep you from pursuing a new opportunity. Chances are, there’s a better one out there than what you have.

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