Here’s What Investors Should Know About Smart-Door Technology

The 2022 CES featured a wide range of exciting new tech innovations, and internet-connected smart doors were at the top of the list. In this segment of Backstage Pass recorded on Jan. 7, Fool contributor Toby Bordelon shares the latest news on smart doors.

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Toby Bordelon: So, one specific product I saw that was cool to me, I’ll actually show you guys. It’s a smart door, a smart door by a company called Masonite. Here’s what it looks like, right here. It looks like a normal door except it’s got integrated. What does it have? It’s got an integrated smart lock on there, it’s got an integrated camera in the door, integrated doorbell camera. It’s not battery-powered, like it’s connected to your house.

You don’t have to worry about power, you got integrated lights in there. It’s got sensors, that’s how you know whether it’s open, all of these things that you can actually do now. You can outfit your current door with this kind of stuff, except maybe the hard wiring into your home that would be challenging, but it’s all in this one unit.

That was interesting, because I think we’re finally getting to the point here with some of the smart home technology, that we’re starting to see it more integrated, we’re starting to see it work together.

This is only available for new construction right now. We’re starting to see these things created and marketed for builders, for new construction, not just for the hobbyists who want to like techify their house, which is interesting. I think you’re going to see this more and more.

I think in the next couple of years, if you’re getting a new house, like a newly built house, whether it’s a custom build that you’re doing or from a builder in a bigger subdivision, you should expect some of this technology I think in that house.

The smart home is getting a lot more interesting to me and we’re starting to have a few more standards and technologies that some of which we saw on display at CES like a technology called Matter, which makes more of this inter-operable.

Which has been a big headache over the past decade with the smart home. Things don’t talk where they should. They’re trying to push these new standards to fix that problem for consumers. Hey maybe it’s the beginning of a new era of ease and convenience in the smart home, we will see, but thought that was kind of cool.

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